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The super food - Sodium bicarbonate (aka baking soda) (aka my bestie)

I’m not sure I can call it that, because it’s just my opinion, but I think Bicarb is amazing. I've been putting off cleaning my jewellery for AGES - not like I'm out and about at the moment to show it off! Today's #sundayfunday saw me lining a bowl with tinfoil, popping in my (very) grubby silver jewellery - adding some hot water, and two heaped tea spoons of sodium bicarb - then watching it work... left it for 30 mins, rinsed thoroughly and voila!

I’ve listed just SOME of the other amazing uses for it, and why I have so much in my house just incasies;

1. To treat heartburn – mix a teaspoon with water & it’ll neutralize stomach acid

2. To freshen’ up ya breath - add half a teaspoon of baking soda to half a glass of warm water, and then swill away (this also helps soothe canker sores!)

3. Whiten your teeth – mild abrasive often used as the base in toothpaste!

4. Relieve sunburn/bites or stings – chuck a cup of bicarb in your bath and soak away or make into a paste with a splash of water and rub on your bites.

5. Neutralize odours – a cup of bicarb in the fridge? Mix it with essential oils and pop it in a jar for a natural air freshener

6. Mattress cleaner – sprinkle it over a naked mattress, leave it for a few hours and hoover it off – jobs a goodun.

7. Laundry whitener – add half a cup to your usual washing powder (it also helps soften the water so you may need to use less powder than usual!)

8. Kitchen cleaner – make the same bite paste above, and use a cloth to rub it in to any of the stains you might have on your oven, tiles, coffee cups, and even your carpet… anything you can think of!

9. Bin freshener – sprinkle it in your bin, you won’t regret it

10. Shoe deodoriser – pop a few table spoons in some old thin fabric, then secure it with an elastic band, and place one in each shoe!

And of course, save the best till last – for deodorant!! Human sweat is odourless (shock horror!) but once that pesky bacteria gets to it and breaks it down, they produce acidic waste products that give sweat it’s odour. Bicarb can eliminate the smell of sweat by making the odours less acidic – mix this with anti-bacterial oils and you’re in for a winner.

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