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DIY Leave-in Hair Conditioner

This coconut milk based recipe will be the compliment to our shampoo bars that you've been looking for! It's another super simple; super luxurious mix to keep your hair naturally gorgeous, soft and shiny.

What do you need?

A whisk

A spray bottle (bigger than 80ml, anything you've got lying around would do as long as rinsed thoroughly)

60 ml of distilled water (or tap water that has been boiled for 5 minutes and allowed to cool)

1 tbsp of full fat coconut milk - pick your favourite - I use Lucy Bee's Organic coconut milk I also use this in my coffee, my cereal, my everything! The 'fresher' the better :D

2-10 drops of your favourite essential oil. You can use any here, but my preference is lavender (as you probably would have guessed); mainly because of it's links to increased hair growth & thickness! Lemon essential oil smells amazing, and is helpful for balancing oily hair. Patchouli and tea tree also have astringent properties which are beneficial for oily hair. Rosemary is also a good option, but it is not recommended for kids under six.

How do I make it?

Easy peasy coconut (no so very) squeezy

  1. Start by adding the essential oils (if you're using them) to the coconut milk and whisking together thoroughly.

  2. Add the water and whisk again.

  3. Pour the mixture into your spray bottle.

Store in the fridge. Because it doesn’t contain any preservatives, I make small batches and use within a week or two.

Note: To save the rest of the coconut milk for future batches, if you're not a serial coconut milk user like me, use an ice cube tray to freeze it in 1 tablespoon increments.

How do I use it?

Just as you would any other leave in conditioner; shake the bottle well; then spray it over clean, damp hair; ideally after using our shampoo bars ;). Then just use your hands, a comb or a brush and continue as you usually would!

Now go ahead, enjoy that guilt free, nasties free, soft hair feeling.

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