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Allo - Vera (jk, Aloe Vera)

We acquired a new type of Aloe Vera plant earlier - Christmas has come early!!! Or maybe not, what month is it? December is that you?

This got me planning all the things I can do with my current Aloe plant now I have reserves and I thought I'd take 5 to share all the amazing Aloe uses.

  • Exfoliator (add brown sugar or even coffee grounds & rub on the skin!)

  • Sunburn remedy; straight up – slice up the leaf and rub the gel directly onto your skin

  • A face mask; you can just use the gel straight up, it’s so moisturising, but I like to pop the gel in the blender with that avocado that went off whilst I went downstairs to grab a coffee (classic avos).

  • Straight up on irritated skin, or rashes. This really works for me; especially if there’s itchy irritation.

  • A little nutrient top up, there are so many benefits to ingesting aloe vera (the list is really long, but there’s a great summary here – though it’s extremely bitter so I cheat. I just cut it into little cubes & take ‘em like a pill with lots of water.

  • Heel softener – after spending the last 4 months shoeless (COVID-19, yey) – today is the day I WILL tackle my heels. Aloe Vera is the miracle cure I needed and forgot about. I'll I'm going to do is treat myself to a bath, buff my heels with a rough rock I found at the beach (not joking, told you I like things all natural); then apply the aloe gel, whilst singing to the greatest showman soundtrack for 30 mins or so whilst I let it do its thang!

  • Boil your leaves, helps clear sinuses and headaches; (do this once you’ve used the gel inside the leaves for one of the above purposes); and your rooms will smell amazing!

I have to admit that when I first started messing around with Aloe Vera, I found the variety of textures very uncomfortable - sorry if the below doesn't sit right with you - but I soon realised how magical this stuff really is. Now it's just a fun game trying to get the substance to do what you meant it to!

I'm sure interested to hear your uses; I love discovering new things to do!

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